Raise a glass in memory of Tim Considine

On February 22, 2012 Tim was diagnosed with a disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Aka (ALS) or Lou Gehrigs Disease.
Tim passed away on Friday October 12, 2012 in his home after a short and courageous battle with ALS.

Who is TIm Considine

One measure of a man is the respect and love he receives from all the people he touches over the course of his life. Tim has effortlessly cultivated a large fan club. Deeply religious and devoted family man Tim… words are inadequate to appropriately depict Tim’s level of integrity and sense of fairness, always balanced by a keen wit and ever present sense of humor.

Who Are we
We are friends and family of Tim Considine and he will forever be missed.

ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that usually attacks both upper and lower motor neurons and causes degeneration throughout the brain and spinal cord. Find out more at: http://webct.alsa.org



Please see the box below on how you can make a donation in memory of Tim.

Make A Toast For Tim

Below are a few ways you can
donate in Memory of TIm.

Donate to the ALS Association Connecticut Chapter,
4 Oxford Rd Unit D-4, Milford, CT 06460 http://webct.alsa.org

Funds here are used for Research, Patient Advocacy, Public Awareness and Education, Patient Transportation, Equipment Needs, Home Modification Assistance, Caregiver and Family Support.


Contribute to the Tim Considine Memorial Scholarship Fund. Donations can be sent to The Community Foundation of Northwest Connecticut, 32 City Hall Avenue, P.O. Box 1144, Torrington CT 06790. Checks Payable to the Tim Considine Memorial Scholarship Fund. Their website is www.cfnwct.org

Please visit the website to review the scholarship criteria, application process etc.


A Few Words from Tim

Hello everyone, As many of you know, I’ve been struggling with my health since late fall. It started with a heavy leg and my muscles in my left leg and arm began to atrophy. I have been to many specialists at well respected medical institutions such as yale and massachusetts general hospital. On february 22, i was diagnosed with a disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis….. Aka ..(als) or lou gehrigs disease. Thank goodness it isn’t named after a red sox player. This disease causes the motor nuerons in your spinal column to die which causes the destruction of your nerves and muscles. They don’t know how you get it and as of now there is no cure. I am however treating it with a combination of western and eastern medicines, accupuncture, vitamins, herbs, etc. I will also get involved in clinical studies in the upcoming months. Many of you have expressed concern and I no longer want to tell half truths… it’s not my style. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people who I not only call co-workers, but friends. I will continue to fight this head on and with all your support and prayers, beat this disease. Once again, thank- you to all and may god bless you!

Update from Tim

Hello Everyone, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your kindness, love, and support during this journey. The cards, emails, text messages, facebook comments, visits, meals, help around our home, rides for the boys, and most importantly your prayers have helped motivate and sustain me as I battle this disease. Your responses and generosity have been overwhelming and no words can express the gratitude that my family and I are feeling. The disease accelerated during the months of April and May to the point that I can no longer walk nor do I have the ability to use my arms. In June the disease moved into my chest muscles and diaphragm causing me great difficulty in breathing. I now breathe with the aid of a machine that helps to expand my lungs. However, during the month of July it appears I have stabilized with my condition not getting any worse. I am fortunate ALS has not affected my heart, mind or spirit. I will continue to fight this disease head on each day and pray for a miracle. People say they are impressed by my courage, however I am the one impressed by how each and every one of you have dug down deep into your heart and soul to help out a friend in need. I cannot put into words the love my family and I feel from all, and you will forever have our gratitude. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. God bless you, Tim P.S. The Yankees are still in first ☺!

Our Goal

Our goal was simple, to raise money for Brian & Timmy. All money donated has gone directly to a trust fund set up for Tim's children The initial goal was that and we thank all for making it happen. “The Considine children are truly blessed by so many wonderful, thoughtful and caring individuals.” “The family is deeply touched by the generosity and emotional support of so many during such a difficult time.” .

Our goal now is to keep the memory or Tim alive and help raise awareness and money to help in the fight against ALS.

  • Tee it up for T. Cons

    Hi Everyone,

    Registration is now open for the “Fifth & Final” Tee It Up for T Cons Golf Tournament to be held on Friday, August 18! The goal of this tournament has been to establish a Scholarship Fund available to the youth of Torrington for many years to come, while keeping alive Tim’s passion for friendship and laughter. The past four years have proven successful in accomplishing just this! Please join us for the “Fifth & Final” Tee It Up For T. Cons tournament, while embracing GREAT MEMORIES with GREAT FRIENDS!

    As you all know we have sold out all four years and last year was a record, filling all 144 spots in one month! Please don’t wait and send your registration in ASAP.

    This year the tournament will be dedicated to Rare Diseases and a donation will made to support those who suffer from Rare Diseases/Disorders.

    Don’t golf. No problem, join us for dinner for $35! Or purchase a tournament hat for $25! Take a chance in a raffle!

    Can’t make it. Purchase a Tee Sponsorship for $100. You can list your business name, a personal message, or as a tribute to Tim have your favorite Tim quote printed! The flag is yours to keep when done! Want to donate? Make a donation to our raffle table.

    Proceeds will go to the Tim Considine Memorial Scholarship Fund. The following scholarship have been awarded to date:

    2013 - Meghan Calabrese from THS and Luke Pepper from OWTS

    2014 - Paulina Koloda and Nicholas LaMothe from THS

    2015 – Marissa Morris and Jack Wassick from THS

    2016 – Connor Finn and Adam LaMothe from THS

    We will also be selling the FFF bracelets that day with all proceeds to go to the ALS Association of CT.

    Thanks and hope to see you all there, Cheryl and the Tournament Chairs, Jimmy Mierzwinski, Gary Capitanio, Gary Mercier and John Fabiaschi Below is a link to the registration form.


    Team Cons
    Greater Hartford Walk to Defeat ALS
    Sunday September 23, 2017
    Rentschler Field
    Walk Check–In 10:00am
    Walk at 11:00am
    3 miles

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